Anna’s decision is shocking, says Kejriwal

NOIDA (TIP): India Against Corruption (IAC) memberArvind Kejriwal on September 20 said that veteran social activist Anna Hazare’s decision to part ways with his erstwhile close aides is shocking and regretful.

“We respect Annaji very much. He is like a father figure. His decision to part ways has come as a big surprise. It was shocking, painful, unexpected and regretful,” he said.

“It was Anna who asked us to conduct a survey on whether to form a political party or not. He chose SMS, internet and social media. Everything is being sold out in the country; coal, shops, retail business etc. So there is a sense of urgency in us to change the system,” he added.

He further said: “I think we will always try to be associated with Anna Hazare. His five thoughts will be the foundation of our party. His picture and his name will always be with us.”

Hazare, who was the face of the India Against Corruption (IAC) campaign, had yesterday said he would not be a part of the political arm of the movement, spearheaded by Kejriwal.

“I will not join any party or any group. I will not go for their campaign. I have told them not to use my photo or my name in their campaign. You fight on your own,” he said.

Hazare refused to accept the survey done by India Against Corruption which overwhelmingly favoured a political path, saying he does not agree with the exercise done through social networking sites.

“My best wishes are with them (those taking political path). There is no harm in it. If they think that they can get majority in Parliament, it is good…The paths have been separated. Both of us have chosen our separate paths,” he said.ejriwal, Prashant Bhushan, Manish Sisodia and others want to form a political party and contest elections to usher in fundamental changes in the country’s democratic structure.

Hazare had staged a hunger strike against corruption that roused public ire against the government. Thousands took to the streets at his call, demanding for an anti-graft Lokpal (ombudsman) to tackle rampant graft.


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