NEW DELHI (TIP): Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal along with his entire cabinet held a ‘janata darbar’ at the the Delhi Secretariat on January 11 to hear the complaints of the people and tried to redress them immediately. This is being termed as Kejriwal’s attempt at what many are terming ‘street governance’. According to TV reports, hundreds turned up at the meet as Delhi’s newest CM lend an ear to the complaints of the aam admi.

The nature of complaints varied at the gathering, with some members of the civil society raising their voice against loss of jobs. As the crowd swelled, many tried to jostle their way in, in order to have a word with Delhi’s CM. The placards on display at the meeting hinted at the immediate problems that Kejriwal is faced with. On Friday, the chief minister had announced that the entire cabinet will sit in front of the Delhi Secretariat on Saturdays to receive grievances from people and efforts will be made to solve them immediately. On weekdays, one minister will receive grievances from the public. “Public grievance is another major issue. It is a major issue for any government. It is the duty of every government to resolve those grievances. Public grievance is just a symptom, the disease lies somewhere else,” said Kejriwal.

Grievances will be segregated into five categories depending upon their urgencies. “The urgent cases related to school admission or admission to a hospital will be resolved on the spot. In the next category, ministers will mention the time frame to resolve the grievance. “Those related to policy matters will require time. They will be forwarded to the respective ministers for their considerations, he said. The next category will be for taking suggestions from the public. A team will be formed to look into them and regularly put up best of the suggestions to the chief minister. Another is miscellaneous category and the last is for those which are not related to the government, he added. Kejriwal had said that unlike previous governments, he will not go by the compliance reports filed by the officials but will ensure that the complainant is absolutely satisfied.


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