PM Modi in USA: Symphony, Inseparable Partnership

Ravi Batra
Ravi Batra (File Photo)

“India played a key role in 1773 Boston Tea Party and lost 5000 men, women and children to Lord Cornwallis upon his arrival in India after losing to George Washington. Today (June 7), destiny was bilaterally recognized: Indian PM Modi speaking of an Inseparable Partnership, and Ranker Eliot Engel, with Joe Crowley introducing The Special Global Partnership with India Act of 2016 (H.R.5387) – which would designate India as a Special Global Partner of the United States – to enhance global peace and security. A symphony orchestra capable to making global peace stick.

As an American of proud Indian heritage, to see an Indian PM – be it Rajiv Gandhi in 1985 or Narendra Modi in 2016 – in the Congress is a joy only enhanced by the music to every ear: that United States and India are not only natural allies, but Inseparable Partners – the very definition of Destiny. Finally, all the constructive nudging for decades has paid off.

Eliot Engel and Ed Royce are mature hands that embraced destiny by enhancing US-India ties to inseparability.

Today, 1.25 billion Indians saluted the United States, and the American People, through their representatives, saluted them back. Destiny achieved is a thing of beauty that every heart and every nation can both enjoy and use to recalibrate.”


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