Poll panel refuses to cancel Rajya Sabha polls in Karnataka

NEW DELHI (TIP): The Election Commission of India on Thursday decided against countermanding Rajya Sabha polls in Karnataka on the ground that the sting videos did not present enough evidence to support the charges of bribery. Polls for the four seats will be held, as scheduled, on Saturday.

The poll panel, however, ordered that the Returning Officer file an FIR against Independent MLA Mallikarjuna Khuba under the relevant provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988, for openly demanding money for his vote. It will also write to the central government to initiate a CBI probe into the matter “so that all those who may be involved in such nefarious activities are exposed and duly punished under the law”.

On Thursday evening, Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi and his colleague A K Joti met to review the factual report sent by the Karnataka Chief Electoral Officer on the sting videos that purportedly showed some MLAs of JD(S), Congress and a few Independent legislators, including Khuba, being offered bribes for their votes. The two top officers, however, were not convinced about revoking the elections in the state.

Fresh Update | Rajya Sabha elections underway, all eyes on UP and Karnataka

Voting for Rajya Sabha biennial began on Saturday, June 11, morning as 27 Upper House seats from seven states went to elections.

Altogether, 58 RS seats fell vacant from 16 states over the past two months. Of these seats, 31 candidates have already won unopposed and their results will be formally announced, along with the 27 seats.


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