Suspected ISI agent arrested in Meerut by Uttar Pradesh STF

Uttar Pradesh: An ISI agent today has been arrested from Meerut Cantt area by Special Task Force team of Uttar Pradesh, who has some sensitive documents related to Indian Army. IG Sujit Pandey of UP STF said the man had already relayed classified information about military establishments and the movement of Army units to his Pakistan handlers.

According the reports from TNN, Mohammand Eizaz alias Mohammad Kalam, a resident of Taramadi Chowk, Irfanabad, Islamabad, Pakistan, was arrested from Meerut Cantt area when he was on his way to Delhi.

IG Pandey said, “He sneaked into India from Bangladesh on February 9, 2013. He has already handed over classified information on the movement of the Sukhoi 30 combat aircraft and their hangars. He had information about the anti-tank guided missile programme. He had in his possession video images of Mirage’s emergency landing on Yamuna Expressway, the movement of the mountain brigade at Pithoragarh and information about an under-construction runway. His bank account in India showed transaction of more than Rs6 lakh in the last two years. This money was transferred in instalments, once from Saudi Arabia then from Dubai. He has sent his handlers information on cantonments in Bareilly, Meerut, Agra, Pithoragarh, Shahjahanpur and Mathura. He was in contact with a man called Salim, an officer of the ISI. His family was receiving Rs 50,000 per month in Pakistan for his services.”

Besides classified Army documents, sleuths in Meerut recovered a fake Aadhar card with a Bareilly address, a fake voter ID card made in West Bengal, a Delhi Metro traveller card and Nepali and Saudi currency from him. His laptop, pen drive and ATM card have been seized. A NADRA card (Pakistani national identity card) was also found, Pandey said.

Sources said Ejaz revealed during interrogation that he was sent from Karachi to Dhaka on January 31, 2013. He was received in Dhaka by a man named Probin, who enabled his travel by boat to West Bengal and dropped him at the house of Mohammad Irshad, a resident of Matiya Burj, West Bengal.

Irshad and his son Ashraf, aided by a relative, helped Ejaz get a fake junior high school certificate, a voter ID and a ration card. These documents were used to open an account with the Central Bank of India.

In West Bengal, he took up work as a videographer and married a woman from Ara district in Bihar. The man then lived in Bihar for a few months before moving to Bareilly in December 2014.

At Bareilly, he began his spying assignment, working on a day job as a freelance video mixer. He got a fake Aadhar card made, showing his original address in Bihar. In his Aadhar card, his name is shown as Mohammad Kalam.

The surveillance network received a tip-off on Friday, with the information that he would be boarding a train to Delhi at 3.00 pm from the Meerut Cantonment station. Acting on that information, the man was nabbed.


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