This Rs 7 crore buffalo earns Rs 50 lakh per year

NEW DELHI (TIP): With cow and cow protection hog the headlines these days it’s the buffalo which faces discrimination. In the Annual Buffalo Carnival in Hyderabad there’s a Murrah buffalo ‘Yuvraj’ which needs a special mention.

This Murrah buffalo worth whopping 7 crore. Which means you can get two Audi R8 LMX  for the price of this buffalo and can still save money.

Yuvraj is a handsome animal with oiled backward-curving horns, a smooth grey-black coat and a slim, bushy tail. It weighs 450kg, is 10ft long and 5ft 8in tall.

Kurukshetra-based Karamvir Singh’s Murrah buffalo ‘Yuvraj’, has proven to be a cash cow for him as the bull’s semen is in great demand across north India.

Yuvraj’s semen is now possibly the most expensive in India, sold at Rs.350 per dose. The earnings from the sale of this buffalo’s semem corss Rs. 50 lakh per year.

This Murrah buffalo is the star attraction at the Sardar Utsav Mela in Hyderabad. It was brought from Haryana to participate in a buffalo carnival known as Dunnapothula panduga celebrated on the second day after Diwali.

Sardar Utsav Mela the buffaloes are decorated with garlands of flowers, painted horns, and paraded among public.


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