Air India operates additional flights, carries relief material free of cost to Kathmandu

Air India

NEW YORK (TIP): “Air Indians along with the people of India grieve for the families in Nepal, India, Tibet and Bangladesh affected by the earthquake in Nepal, April 25”, stated Rishikant Singh, Air India Regional Manager-USA .

“Air Indians join everyone’s prayers for the departed souls and the grieving families”, he added.

After Yemen, Libya, Tunisia, Lebanon and several other evacuations and national emergencies, national carrier Air India has, yet again, risen to the occasion in times of crisis, announcing the operation of two additional flights to and from Kathmandu on 26th April, to fly Nepali people wishing to reach home to their families, and for people stranded in Nepal to fly out.

India’s National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) team was sent to Katmandu from Kolkata by AIR INDIA special flight AI-1247 on emergency duty.

Air India is carrying relief material free of charge on priority basis, on its flights to Kathmandu, both from Delhi and Kolkata.

The regular scheduled operations from Delhi and Kolkata have also resumed since  opening up of the Kathmandu airport.

Air India operates two daily flights out of Delhi. From Kolkata, there is a flight every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Change of Booking fees, Cancellation and Refund charges for travel on Air India to/from Kathmandu for travel up to 2nd May 2015 will be waived with travel agents advised of suitable waiver code for use.


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