Economic Development of Africa is a Priority of India-Preneet Kaur

NEW YORK (TIP): Almost every year since her induction into the Indian Central Government, Mrs. Preneet Kaur, the Union Minister of State for External Affairs has been paying an October visit to New York in connection with the activities of the United Nations Security Council and the general assembly. Her October 2012 visit has been especially busy, effective and eventful. She was engaged in the United Nations in connection with the Indian Government’s special initiatives and activities geared towards the Indian partnership and cooperation towards economic development of the African continent. Last year Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh extensively dwelt on the subject of India’s special schemes, like soft loans, for the economic betterment of the African Continent. This time Mrs. Preneet Kaur’s speech to the United Nations on October 17, 2012, picked up from where Dr. Manmohan Singh had left last year and she dwelt in detail on the subject and India’s role for the economic betterment of Africa. A lot of delegates especially from the African nations applauded her speech and the far reaching Government of India economic initiatives for Africa.

Another problem that afflicts the human society in several nations of today’s world is the utter disregard and non adherence to rule of law by some individuals, who become a law unto themselves. This exhibition of mass scale lawlessness has become an impediment to the establishment of healthy nation to nation relationship and economic development of the lax nations. Mrs. Preneet Kaur dwelt in detail on this vital issue too. In fact a lot of investors are reluctant to invest in such countries, where non-state actors act as centers of power, giving scant respect to the rule of the law.

Outside the United Nations also, Mrs. Preneet Kaur had a very busy schedule. On the evening of Tuesday October 16, she attended a grand function of the Indian National Oversees Congress in World’s Fair Marina in Flushing area of the Borough of Queens, New York City.

On the evening of Thursday October 18, 2012, a dinner was hosted by the Consul General of India, in New York, Ambassador Prabhu Dayal in honor of Mrs. Praneet Kaur. About sixty guests attended. Amongst the guests were Ananth Kumar BJP MP, former Union Minister of Civil Aviation of India and an MP of TMC of West Bengal Mr. Derek O’Brian and some officials of the Government of India, including Ambassador Manjeev Singh Puri at India’s permanent mission to the United Nations.

In reply to a question from The Indian Panorama Reporter Pooja Premchandran whether she felt embarrassed when people addressed her as “Maharani” Preneet Kaur explained such referral was very common among the people of Punjab and she did not deem it embarrassing. “It’s something that through love and respect the people of Patiala and Punjab do refer to us by. I think it’s more of an expression of respect and love and that’s how I take it. It doesn’t matter how they say it, either calling me Shrimati or Maharani. It is about who says it and where. And I appreciate whichever way anyone speaks to me,” added the Minister.

In reply to a question from freelance journalist Harjap Singh Aujla, Mrs. Preneet Kaur replied, “One of the several reasons for the unexpected loss of the Congress Party in the elections to the Punjab Assembly was the imbalance in coverage by the electronic media. The entire cable TV private media available to the public in Punjab was for the ruling alliance. The point of view of the Congress and the PPP led Left Front was blacked out by the electronic media. The independent thinking channels were not available on the cable systems in Punjab”.


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