US Immigration Bill S – 744 set to damage Indian Business Interests: Shalabh Kumar

NEW YORK (TIP): Shalabh Kumar, Chairman Indian American Advisory Council of House of Republican Conference of US Parliament & NIAPPI expressed grave concern over the US Immigration Reform Bill S-744 as a prominent NRI based in Chicago, US. The Border Security, Economic Opportunity & Immigration Modernization Act – 2013 or S744 was a bill drafted with the aim of reforming the immigration system in United States, stated Kumar at a press conference in New Delhi, India.

Chairman NIAPPI Shalabh Kumar stated that S744 was introduced in US Senate on 16th April 2013. This bill was prepared by a bipartisan group of eight senators known as “gang of eight” comprising of Senator John McCain, Charles, Lindsey Graham, Richard Durbin, Marco Rubio, Robert Menendez, Jeff Flake and Michael Bennet. This bill was passed in the US Senate on 27th June 2013, which is controlled by Democratic Party headed by President Barak Obama. Now the bill is pending in US House of Representatives awaiting consideration. Once it is approved, the bill will become a law.

Kumar stated that this bill shall damage Indian business and IT industry in India. It shall affect around 5 Lakh engineers from India. This bill shall cause loss to the tune of Rs. 1.875 Lakh crore in Indian exports to United States on a yearly basis. It shall have adverse restrictions on Indian H1B & L1 visa holders. It shall break the back bone of Indian export industry alleged US based NRI Shalabh Kumar.

If the bill is passed then Indian firms will be forced to cut down on sending their employees from India. It shall reduce the GDP of India and its dollar reserves almost to the tune of 1 to 1.5% of Indian GDP. Kumar termed this bill as a major challenge for the newly elected Indian govt. US NRI Shalabh Kumar noted with appreciation the efforts of Vijay Jolly Convener OFBJP Global Affairs for voicing the strong opposition of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on the anti-Indian provisions of the bill. Jolly had recently written a letter to the US Ambassador in India demanding that US House of Representative should not approve the anti-Indian S744 bill.


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