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Donald Trump takes full credit for peace deals between the UAE, Bahrain and Israel

Trump has proudly announced that five other Arab countries have also lined up to sign similar peace deals The White House has emphasized that the historic breakthrough was made possible by Trump’s ‘leadership and expertise […]



By Mabel Pais “The word ‘Satyagraha’ in Sanskrit means two things ‘non-violence’ and ‘insistence on the truth’….. And that is what John Lewis was all about.” Nancy Pelosi, Speaker – US House of Representatives He […]

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Celebrating 4th of July

4th of July is so different this year. COVID-19 has struck down all traditional ceremonies, leaving Americans  to celebrate the event in a shorter edition, with limited ceremonial celebration. The pomp, pageantry, parades, shows, games, […]

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The Neoliberal Looting of America

The private equity industry, which has led to more than 1.3 million job losses in the last decade, reveals the truth about free markets. “An examination of the recent history of private equity disproves the […]

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International Day of Yoga Celebrated across America

Vivekananda Yoga University (VaYU) Launched  in commemoration of IYD I.S. Saluja / Bidisha Roy NEW YORK (TIP): : The world celebrated June 21 the Sixth International Day of Yoga. The United Nations General Assembly on […]

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More than 43 Million file for unemployment benefits

WASHINGTON (TIP): More than 4 million U.S. workers filed for jobless benefits last week, the Labor Department said Thursday, May 21. That brings the total number of people applying for aid to more than 43 […]


Indian Film Chuskit Wins Grand Prize at 24th Annual Stony Brook Film Festival

NEW YORK(TIP): Chuskit, directed by Priya Ramasubban, won the Grand Prize at the 24th annual Stony Brook Film Festival presented by Island Federal at the Staller Center for the Arts. “This festival was one of the most competitive yet,” said […]

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India’s Focus now is Private Sector led Growth, says NITI Aayog Vice-Chairman Rajiv Kumar

Bidisha Roy NEW YORK(TIP): In its first five years, the Modi government has done the foundational work for India’s targeted growth, and now it’s time to focus on accelerate the growth – which must be […]

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Thriving communities built on the backs of immigrants, and with their blood, sweat and tears, have become ghost towns, retreating in fear and panic as the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement service (ICE) launched macabre […]

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America Perfected the March from Magna Carta to Declaration of Independence to the Gettysburg Address

Happy Birthday America! “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we […]

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Air India raises JFK International-Mumbai connection to ten flights a week

NEW YORK(TIP): Air India has revealed it has boosted its connections to the United States this week by announcing the introduction of three new non-stop flights covering the JFK International to Mumbai route. As of […]

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Indian American Lawyer Neomi Rao to Replace Kavanaugh in US Court

WASHINGTON(TIP): Indian American Neomi Rao has been nominated by US President Donald Trump to fill Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s seat on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. Trump, during Diwali celebrations  at the Roosevelt Room of the […]


What Resignation of Sessions Means for Robert Mueller

His temporary replacement, Matthew Whitaker, has expressed skepticism over the scope of the Russia investigation—which he’ll now oversee. Intelligence and law-enforcement experts—as well as sitting members of Congress—have pointed out that the question of whether […]

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“Birth Citizenship is Embedded in Our Constitution” : EDNY Federal District Judge Dr. William F. Kuntz II in 2011

By Ravi Batra Ireach back to scholarly remarks made in 2011 by a real legal scholar – whose views have the power of law – now-EDNY Federal District Judge William Kuntz II. Then distinguished Attorney-Bill […]


Elections Matter, Our Republic, Boiling Senate, Senator Susan Collins, Dr. Ford and Godspeed Justice Kavanaugh.

“We need to save our Republic, to remain “Exceptional” and “American.” If we do that, harness SM to spread equality and fairness, then the politicians who weaponize mere majorities will fall, and the Supreme Court […]


Leveraging China vis-a-vis Uncle Sam

“It would be naive to infer any change in China’s efforts to undermine India’s influence across its Indian Ocean neighborhood or moderate its support for Pakistan and terrorist groups like the Jaish-e-Mohammed. But it does […]

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A bang and a whimper- Trump scraps Kim summit, citing NK’s ‘open hostility’

Trump’s announcement came hours after North Korea carried out what it said is the demolition of its nuclear test site. WASHINGTON(TIP): US President Donald Trump on Thursday, May 24, called off a historic summit with […]

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Trump scraps the Iran nuclear deal, calling it ’embarrassment’

Iran will remain in N-deal, says Rouhani European leaders call on Washington to let them carry on with pact WASHINGTON(TIP): US President Donald Trump on Tuesday, May 8, pulled out of the landmark nuclear deal […]

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USCIS says administration plans to propose regulatory changes to end H-4 work permit program

The Trump administration is moving forward with its plan to end an Obama-era program that allowed spouses of H-1B visa holders to work in the United States. WASHINGTON(TIP): In a letter sent to Sen. Chuck Grassley, a critic of […]


America’s Taking on China is Good for the World

“His (Trump’s) taking on China for its flagrant violation of the trade and intellectual property rights has given courage to Europe and Japan to chime in the American challenge on China’s practices. The challenge will […]