Nora Fatehi and Rajkummar Rao pair up for Achha Sila Diya

Another B Praak and Jaani collaboration, a song about betrayal and love, is out. Called ‘Achha Sila Diya’, the track is a revamped version of the Sonu Nigam number from the movie Bewafa Sanam. The song was originally sung by Pakistani singer Ataullah Khan. The overlong video features Rajkummar Rao and Nora Fatehi as romantic partners, in which once again Nora ends up betraying the male lead, much like she did in the hit Arijit Singh song Pachtaoge. Here, instead of poisoning Vicky Kaushal, she gets Rao ‘killed’ by her secret boyfriend. The whole thing reeks of a Hindi daily soap, or a scene from a Bollywood movie in the 80s and 90s. Although truth be told, there is actually little that differentiates the two.

One can only hope that the big folks at T-Series one day get the memo of how we live in 2023 and not in an India from the 80s, or just the simple fact that a song or a music video can just be that, there is absolutely no need of a ‘plotline.’ Nora does what she does well, dancing and over-acting, and Rajkummar Rao has also channeled his more melodramatic side in the music video. The lyrics and music are mediocre at best, but still somewhat better than those vapid Tanishk Bagchi remixes.

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