Sara Ali Khan: Have developed a thick skin, take everything with a hint of humor

Actress Sara Ali Khan has revealed that being an actor one needs to develop a thick skin, which she has. The actress added that whatever comes her way she takes it positively and with a pinch of humor. Asked as an actress what are the questions that come her way, annoys her?
“Nothing really annoys me haha! I have developed a thick skin over the years. I think as an actor you need to do that. I take everything positively and with a hint of humour. That keeps my boat sailing,” Sara told IANS on the sidelines of Lakme Fashion Week x FDCI.
Sara loves watching movies and has a set of her own “favourites”.
“I have my own set of favourite actors. I love watching other people’s work because I want to keep learning from everyone and everything around me,” added the actress, who turned muse for designer Varun Chakkilam.
“Every actor has their strengths, I like to pick up on it and incorporate that in my work. I like bettering myself,” she added. Source: IANS

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