Sharon Stone says she paid DiCaprio’s salary for ‘The Quick and the Dead’

Sharon Stone paid for Leonardo DiCaprio”s salary from her own pocket to hire him for her 1995 movie “The Quick and the Dead”, the actor has revealed in her memoir “The Beauty of Living Twice”. The book, in which the actor talks about her life and career in Hollywood, was released in the US on Tuesday. In the memoir, the 63-year-old actor reflects on everything, from her painful childhood in Pennsylvania to films such as erotic thriller “Basic Instinct” and Martin Scorsese’s mobster epic “Casino”, which had earned her an Academy Award nomination and a Golden Globe award. “The Quick and the Dead”, which was directed by Sam Raimi, marked a major moment in Stone”s career as she was also co-producing the film besides headlining it. It featured Stone as Ellen, a gunfighter who relocates to a rural town in the Old West and clashes with its leader (Gene Hackman) to avenge her father”s death. During the course of the movie, she befriends DiCaprio”s character, simply called The Kid.

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