FIA Chairman Ramesh Patel Cremated

Ravi Batra: “I called him the Iron Man in USA, as Sardar Patel was in India”

FIA Chairman Ramesh Patel who died June 6 of Cornonavirus, was cremated June 11 .

Prof. I.S.Saluja

NEW YORK  (TIP): Ramesh Patel, Chairman for life of Federation of Indian Associations NY/NJ/ CT (FIA), the organization which organizes India Day Parade in New York, to mark India’s Independence Day , who died  June 6, of coronavirus, was laid to rest today, June 11.

A family only religious ceremony  for the dear departed  was performed  before a drive  through viewing in the afternoon. A large number of FIA officials and  community leaders arrived for the viewing. Later, Mr. Patel was cremated at Punarjanm Funeral Home in Watchung, New Jersey. 

Ramesh was a colossal figure in the Indian American community who made immense impact on socio-cultural scene. One of the founders of FIA, as chairman of the organization for decades now, he led the organization from strength to strength. In fact, FIA got synonymous with Ramesh.

His sad demise  has created a void in the Indian American community in the Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. He will be deeply missed.

On behalf of The Indian Panorama  and Opinio Media and their directors  and staff, I salute the great standard bearer of India, and pray for eternal rest to the departed soul.

Describing Ramesh Patel as “The Iron Man”,  attorney Ravi Batra, in his tribute sent to The Indian Panorama, said:  “Ramesh Patel was a giant of a man, and a dear friend of Ranju & mine. We enjoyed his support at City Hall Steps rallies we organized for defending the honor of innocent Krittika Biswas, and later, for the falsely accused Amb. Prabhu Dayal. Ramesh Patel’s voice was always the loudest and strongest in support.

“His lasting legacy is his unique humility-based public service by taming the unbridled ambitions of many in the Indian-American community for a fleeting photo-op and getting them all to work in support of his pride and joy, the India Day Parade in Manhattan, largest in the world – just as the Saint Patrick‘s Day Parade since 1762 is the largest. Indeed, he would shun the VIP-bus on the parade route to walk the Madison Avenue, and Ranju and I enjoyed walking with him. It falls on his family and the FIA team to carry on his legacy of Honor-by-service and the rest of us to help keep Ramesh Patel’s glorious life choices alive.

“I called him the Iron Man in USA, as Sardar Patel was in India. He will be sorely missed, as will his big smile and hug that Ranju and I always got.”

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