For America to judge the murderers

By Prof. Indrajit S Saluja

The picture shows the officer with his left hand in the pocket, pinning down with his knee George Floyd who in the video is heard pleading with the officer to get off his neck, as he was not able to breathe. The officer stayed in that position for a few minutes more after Floyd had gone motionless

Another sad day in America’s history. The murder of a black person by a white police officer in Minneapolis, May 26, is another addition to a chain of such crimes by the police who are supposed to protect lives, not snuff them out.

The video ( shot by a bystander and in wide circulation on social media platforms clearly tells us who the murderer is. It is inhuman and barbaric of the police officer to kill the man. It is not an isolated case. The brutal murder of a black person by a white police officer reminds one of the murder on July 17, 2014, of a black Eric Garner in New York, who, too, was choked to death almost in the way  as the black George Floyd (46) in this video. The repeated pleadings  of Floyd to police officer to get off his neck and his cries that he was not able to breathe which continued until he could speak no more, reminds one of the similar cries of Garner who kept repeating he could not breathe until he fell silent.

Over the years we have seen a propensity among white police officers to murder black persons. And, it happens all across America. Americans need to analyze why it happens. It is time to ensure we have in the police, people who harbor no racial or ethnic prejudices. People with prejudices are sure to harm the multicultural mosaic of America.  Let politicians of all hues understand if they do not arrest the trend now, future generations will pay a heavy price for their indifference. Let there be no politics that divides the great nation that America is, and of which we all are so proud.

Founding fathers of America must be turning in their graves each time a racial killing born out of prejudice of a white guy against a black person takes place. This is not the America we want our children to inherit.

Stop it here. Stop it now.

The least that needs to be done is to charge the white officer with his left hand in his pocket relishing the slow death he was forcing on a pinned down Floyd, with manslaughter. No witnesses are required. The video alone is sufficient credible witness. Other colleagues of the murderer police officer are guilty of complicity. They need to be charged as conspirers in the murder of Floyd.

And remember, justice dispensers, justice delayed is justice denied. And, again, no presidential pardon for a murderer -police officer, please.

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