Fourth Of July Fireworks Poised for Full NYC Return: Mayor de Blasio

The "Summer of New York City" could see the return of a full, restriction-less July 4 fireworks show, Mayor Bill de Blasio teased.

NEW YORK CITY (TIP): Expect more fireworks as New York City marks its first Fourth of July under newly lifted coronavirus restrictions.

An announcement is coming soon about the return of Macy’s annual July 4 fireworks show, Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

De Blasio played coy with details but teased the show won’t be like last year’s pared-down affair that was spread across multiple nights and boroughs.

“Obviously, things are moving in the right direction to be able to have something much more like we’ve had historically, but we still have to be smart about it,” he said Tuesday. “We have to structure it for this kind of transitional moment we’re in.”

The city is entering what de Blasio has dubbed the “Summer of New York City” — a time when COVID-19 levels have fallen to the point that restrictions can lift and life returns to a pre-pandemic normal. He has envisioned most restrictions, aside from a handful, melting away in the summer heat by July 1.

The return of Macy’s fireworks shows to a mass gathering format could be an important symbolic victory for the city. The Macy’s website for the show includes a video that implores people to “look up.” “This Fourth of July we look up to a brighter future for everyone, everywhere,” the video states.

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