November Election Results Ring Ominous Alarm Bells for Democrats

Republican Glenn Youngkin defeated the incumbent Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virgina
  • Phil Murphy defeated in a razor thin contest Republican Jack Ciattarelli.

    Eric Adams (66.5%) defeated Republican Curtis Silwa (28.9%)
  • Bruce A. Blakeman (52.25%) defeated incumbent Democrat Laura Curran (47.7%) in a keen contest.
  • Virginia goes RED
  • Republicans trounce Democrats in Nassau County
  • NJ Gov Murphy scrapes through
  • Eric Adams registers an authentic win for Mayor of City of New York even as Democrats prevail in the deep Blue City

    I.S. Saluja

    NEW YORK (TIP): The November elections have been a mixed bag for both the Democrats and the Republicans. However, the ominous signs for Democrats were there. Only they either could not or did not see. The result is a panic in the Democratic party post November 2 elections. Republicans, on the surge, on the other hand, appear to be regaining their confidence that they can wrest control of the House and the Senate in 2022. The only saving grace has been the NY City election results where all top positions have been won by the Democrats and most Council seats have also been bagged by them, giving them the hold on the City Council. The Indian Panorama has compiled all the New York City and the Nassau County and the Suffolk County election results which readers could go through on pages 10 to 14. Read more election related stories in the inner pages.

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