‘Alice, Darling’ to stream on May 26

Alice, Darling, will premiere on Lionsgate Play in India on May 26. The show stars Anna Kendrick alongside Charlie Carrick, Kaniehtiio Horn and Wunmi Mosaku. The film follows Alice through an abusive relationship with her boyfriend. When her best friends intervene, an unwitting Alice faces the harsh reality she was desperately running away from. The show touches on the subjects of emotional abuse and domestic violence. Anna Kendrick said, “There was something about Alana’s writing that felt so poetic. I was really interested in telling a story about a toxic, abusive relationship that didn’t look the way it’s always been portrayed in movies. And the way that Alana wrote about this woman’s inner turmoil and the subtle but very rewarding journey that she goes on, very much intrigued me.”

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