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The inaugural World Culture Film Festival (WCFF) is set to captivate audiences in Los Angeles from July 25-28, 2024. This vibrant event promises entertainment that uplifts, bringing stories from every part of the world that elevate human consciousness through the art of cinema.

The much-anticipated festival is inspired by globally renowned humanitarian and emissary of peace, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who has inspired millions around the world with a vision of a stress-free, violence-free world through his life and work.

Over 60 participating countries including Australia, Belgium, Mexico, Tibet, Japan, Germany, and Brazil and 60+ films are in competition as part of the official selections. The films will be showcased in person at USC’s Ray Stark Theater and the newly-reopened former-Downtown Independent Theater, and on the online streaming platform, EOFlix (available after). 


Opening Night: The Monk and the Gun (Credit : WCFF)

Commencing the 4-day program is the Opening Night feature film presentation of ‘The Monk and The Gun’ by Bhutan-born writer and director Pawo Choyning Dorji, who rose to prominence with his 2019 Oscar-nominated feature film (best international feature), ‘Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom.’

Closing Night: Perfect Days (Credit : WCFF)

Some of the prominent films that will screen are Justin Grant and Laurens Goud’s ‘Our Voice, Our Heart’ (2024 Golden Doc Winner, Asia & Australia), Radha Mehta’s ‘Dosh’ (2024 Slamdance George Starks Spirit Award Winner), Julio Palacio’s ‘Makayla’s Voice: A Letter to the World’ (2024 Tribeca Best Short Documentary), Dash Kolos’ ‘Crown,’ Harry Holland’s ‘Last Call’ starring Tom Holland, and Oscar Nominee Wim Wenders’ ‘Perfect Days,’ the Closing Night film of the festival.


Some of the big event highlights outside of the screenings include – a live table read of the script, ‘Logic of Love’ with renowned director and producer Barnet Bain (‘What Dreams May Come,’ ‘The Celestine Prophecy’), industry panels such as the Film Festival Director’s Panel, an Environmental Panel, and a Storytelling Panel with Vernon Foster, Gil Junger (‘10 Things I Hate About You’), and Sebastien Siegel (‘Grace and Grit’). Capping the events schedule is a binaural beats music experience with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and music composer and recording producer, Stephen Hilton (‘Kung Fu Panda’, ‘Quantum of Solace’).


Leading the film festival team are executive directors, Anabelle D. Munro and Sej Saraiya. This dynamic duo brings years of experience in film production and film festival leadership. Munro is the CEO and Founder of the ETHOS Film Awards and Institute, currently in its 6th season. She is an award-winning director, writer and producer at Blue Boots Entertainment. Saraiya is an award- winning, transdisciplinary visual artist with a focus on indigenous narratives. Her films boast over thirty international awards and her photographs grace galleries, universities, and museums. She serves on the board of the Garifuna Indigenous Film Festival, contributes to the Topanga Film Festival, and holds a Master of Fine Arts from USC.

In a joint statement, Saraiya and Munro, who also programmed the films, said, “We are thrilled to be launching the inaugural World Culture Film Festival, hosted by the Art of Living Foundation and in partnership with USC. The overwhelming response we have received from filmmakers across the globe has been nothing short of inspiring.” The co-executive directors further added, “We are particularly grateful to be entrusted with the vision of a remarkable and kind spirit who stands as one of the most influential humanitarians of our time. WCFF warmly welcomes everyone from around the world to join us in this celebration of film as a powerful medium for envisioning a better tomorrow.”

Jatin Chaurasia, the driving force behind WCFF, is an accomplished executive producer with a rich 20-year background in entrepreneurship. As CEO of Sumeru Inc. and Sumeru Studios, his expertise in leading international teams and pioneering technological innovation has significantly benefited legacy organizations worldwide.


In its maiden year itself, WCFF has attracted partners such as USC School of Cinematic Arts, screening a total of 11 USC student films, Filmmakers Alliance, EOFlix, Sumeru Studios, and Ethos Film Awards.


Online tickets and passes are available after July 1, and online screenings are available on July 25, 2024. Visit

World Culture Film Festival (WCFF)

The World Culture Film Festival is a premier event that showcases diverse cultures through the lens of cinema. With a mission to provide uplifting entertainment and foster unity, the festival brings together filmmakers, artists, and audiences from around the globe. WCFF showcases and awards works that are culturally diverse and unifying, elevate human consciousness through cinema, build bridges between cultures and communities, and foster the growth of conscious media that uplifts and positively influences society. Learn more at

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