‘Jolly LLB 3’ will be full of suspense, you will have to identify the real and fake lawyer

The shooting of the film Jolly LLB 3 has started and this time both actors Akshay Kumar and Arshad Warsi will again be seen in the role of lawyers in this film. The story of this film will be full of suspense because in this film, while both the lawyers will fight the case, they will also clash with each other over who is the real Jolly.
Actually, Arshad Warsi was in Jolly LLB and Akshay Kumar was seen in Jolly LLB 2. Now both these actors will be seen together in the film Jolly LLB 3. The suspense regarding the story of this film is that who among the two Jolly is the real one and who is the duplicate. According to information, Akshay Kumar has shared a video giving the update of this film and in this video, Arshad Warsi is first seen claiming to be the real ‘Jolly’. Arshad Warsi says ‘Jagdish Tyagi alias Jolly, BA LLB. Beware of duplicates.
After this Akshay Kumar enters and he says ‘Jagdishwar Mishra, BA LLB. The original is from ‘Jolly, Lucknow’. After this, ‘Saurabh Shukla’ is seen who is playing the character of ‘Judge Sunderlal Tripathi’ in this film and he is holding a placard in which it is written that Jolly LLB 3 Shoot Begins. According to this update, this time the fight between two real and fake jollies will be seen in this film with Kes.
Arshad Warsi was in the role of Jagdish Tyagi in the 2013 film ‘Jolly LLB’ . After this, Akshay Kumar was seen in the role of Jagdivar Mishra alias Jolly in ‘Jolly LLB 2’. Both these actors acted well and people liked this film very much.

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