Actress Katrina Kaif, who was angry after her holiday pictures with “rumored” beau Ranbir Kapoor went viral in media, calls them “a private moment”. She had written a letter to the media afterwards and said she was upset, distressed and felt media invaded her privacy. “I saw the photos and reacted from heart at that moment. I was upset, hurt, angry. I feel it was a private moment (with Ranbir)…so privacy was expected,” Katrina said.

“The pictures were taken while I was on holiday by someone who, in an act of cowardice, has shot without permission and then used the pictures for commercial gain,” Katrina had written in the letter. In the pictures, she is seen in a bikini along with Ranbir at a beach in Spain. “Next time when you all plan to take pictures give me a notice. Red doesn’t look good with white (regarding the colour of her bikini)… I will wear matching next,” she added, on a lighter note. “Nothing like this happened in nine years. I felt it was done with a mean moment. What they (media) did was right and the way I reacted was also right as that time I was hurt,” Katrina said

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