A bunch of squirrels influenced by the leader of the pack, Surly, are used to leading an easy-lazy life in the lush green Liberty Park. They happily invade an out of business nut shop and feed themselves without making an effort to go look for food. But their luck runs out as the shop explodes and their home (the park) gets destroyed, thanks to a corrupt mayor, who sees more profit in an amusement park replacing the garden. Can the fluffy gang survive?


This survival tale has its share of cute moments and inspiring life lessons but it strictly caters to the younger audience. At a time when most Hollywood animation studios are making films that appeal to all age groups, this one seems a tad dated in terms of its narrative approach and presentation. ‘There is no substitute for hard work’ is the point that the makers strive to drive home.

They harp on it endlessly, making it all too preachy eventually. The animals are adorable but the portrayal of humans is juvenile and one-sided. If the mayor wasn’t evil enough, you have his destructive, control freak daughter, who sneers at everything that moves. Their collective hatred and attack on the animals seem uncalled for beyond a point.

Also, the film fails to offer a spectacular visual experience, which could have probably enhanced an enormously cliched and predictable plot. To cut to the chase, this one’s a forgettable sequel, which has its moments but not enough to deserve a big screen viewing, unless you are obsessed with talkative squirrels.

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