Radhika Apte opens up about facing body shaming in Bollywood

Radhika Apte, the acclaimed Bollywood actress, is once again back in her essence with her upcoming film, Mrs Undercover. Over the years, with her spectacular performances and unconventional choices, Apte has carved a niche for herself. While her body of work stands different from her contemporaries, she has experienced body shaming in the film industry like many other actresses. In fact, recently, Radhika opened up on the same and recalled being told to get ‘better nose, bigger breasts’.

It all happened during her interaction with Film Companion. Ahead of the OTT release of her new film, Radhika looked back on her career and spoke about the unfairness that she has observed in the film industry. While she busts the myth that the film industry is filled with “immoral” people, she reminisced how rude some people had been to her.

The Pad Man actress shared, “Perceptions are strange. People used to think I could only be a village girl for the longest time, till I did Badlapur. After Badlapur, people thought I could only do sex comedies, I could strip. So, I stopped. I just never said yes to them. Perceptions are a bit bizarre.”

Explaining her take further, the Hunterrr actress said, “I lost a film because I was overweight by three or four kilos. Of course, when you’re new, they say, ‘Why don’t you get a better nose; why don’t you get bigger breasts?’ That was in the beginning. In the middle, some people would comment on your body as if they had the right to… Now we can talk about it very openly in the last few years because of awareness. We can say, ‘If you say that to me again I’ll make sure you’re out of this project, at least’.”

Coming back to her forthcoming film, Mrs Undercover, it will start streaming on ZEE5 on April 14. Besides Apte, the film also features Sumeet Vyas and Rajesh Sharma in key roles.

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