Vicky Kaushal calls his marriage to Katrina Kaif ‘paranthas weds pancakes’

Vicky Kaushal recently called his wedding to actor Katrina Kaif ‘paranthas weds pancakes.’ While Vicky is known for his desi Punjabi boy charm, Katrina has spent most of her time in London. Despite their differences, the two make one of the most popular couples in Bollywood. Vicky and Katrina were rumoured to be dating, however, they kept it a secret for quite some time and never confirmed their relationship. They finally made their relationship public when tied the knot in Rajasthan in December 2021. Their wedding was one of the biggest events of the year.
Talking about Katrina, Vicky was recently asked if his wife Katrina likes to eat parantha as she is health conscious. Vicky revealed that Katrina loves eating parantha prepared by her mother-in-law. He told News Tak, “Our marriage is paranthas weds pancakes. They are the same only. She loves pancakes, I love paranthas.” He also said, “Even she eats parathas. She loves mom ke haath ke paranthe (Katrina loves paranthas made by my mom).”
During the same interview, Vicky also shared his thoughts on love marriages and arranged marriages. He was asked which one he would recommend as he is a married man now. He said, “Love is important, marriage could be love or arranged. Understanding and compassion are important. It is important to understand that they are a different person, you are a different person and you have to come to an understanding as a couple. She doesn’t have to agree with me fully, and I don’t have to agree with her always. If that understanding exists, it doesn’t matter if the marriage is arranged or love. It should give happiness to the family, and to them most importantly.”
Vicky is currently busy with the success of his latest film, Zara Hatke Zara Bachke. The film stars him with Sara Ali Khan for the first time. Directed by Laxman Utekar, the romantic comedy is currently doing well at the box office. It has made a collection of Rs 30 crore so far. Source: HT

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