A Barbaric Act

    The world community needs to get together to condemn the barbaric brutality of Pakistani soldiers in mutilating the bodies of Indian soldiers. It is rather surprising that Pakistan continues to be in the denial mode perpetually for all that emanates from its heartland. . Pakistan Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has come out with an illogical explanation on expected lines: “No Pakistani troops were involved in any incident on the night that the alleged incident took place.” Suggesting an enquiry by the United Nations Military Observer Group for India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) to find out the truth behind the highly deplorable incident, Ms Khar stated that “Pakistan remains committed to the ceasefire agreement” that was reached back in 2003. Whatever Pakistan may say, the brutal treatment meted out to the killed Indian soldiers, with the decapitation of one of them, after what happened at the Line of Control (LoC) on January 8 indicates a clear design behind the gruesome incident.

    Linking it with a minor happening at the LoC on January 6 or the crossing of the border by an old woman from India to live with her sons and grandchildren settled in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir is not fair. That no one in Pakistan has shown the guts to express disapproval of the brutal treatment of the bodies of the killed Indian soldiers cannot be without reason. Of course, nobody would expect Pakistan to admit the perfidy of its troops, but it could have come out with a statement to save the situation from taking a turn that may threaten the peace dialogue between the two countries.

    The brutality perpetrated by Pakistani soldiers seems to have the imprint of seniors in the Pakistan Army. Perhaps, General Headquarters in Rawalpindi believes that India and Pakistan are slowly but surely moving towards a situation when they may use their geographical location to have greater stake in economic growth. This may pose a threat to the dominance of the Pakistan Army in the scheme of things in that country. The Pakistan Army’s position has already been affected adversely by its unsuccessful Waziristan drive against the Taliban. The emergence of the India factor in a big way in Pakistan’s politics may also go in favor of the party or the leader having the blessings of the army in the coming elections there. But playing politics by coming to this deplorable level will ultimately harm Pakistan considerably.


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