FIA under Public Scanner

    I wish to thank our readers for recognizing that we have done a service to the community by raising the issue of the undemocratic character and composition ff the Federation of Indian Associations, popularly known as FIA. I wish to thank many of readers who have in person or on phone or via email conveyed their appreciation of our crusade. A very dear friend who is an eminent attorney and socially and politically a popular and powerful person said he was glad that somebody had taken up the issue which nobody in 35 years had the courage to take up. I told him if he felt that way, I had achieved my objective which was to rouse the community against an unacceptable situation. I am sure there will be many who are silent but feel the same way as my attorney friend and others who have been very kind to express their concern and their appreciation of the cause that we have espoused.

    As our readers are aware we have placed two petitions on our website One is addressed to the Prime Minister of India and the other is addressed to the Attorney General of USA. I will appeal to our readers to visit the website, read the petitions and if they agree with what is said in those petitions, sign them. It is their cause we have espoused. The success or failure of our crusade is in the hands of our readers. I wish also to let our readers know that we have fresh evidence of misdoings of some people associated with the management of FIA. Beginning next issue, we will share the information with them.


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