Give the Undocumented millions a Status

    Ihave always maintained that the undocumented aliens in the country need to be given status as much for their smooth living in the country as for the economic gain for the country. As of now, millions are making money but a majority does not pay any taxes. Obviously, it is a big loss to the country. We allow them to live and work, make money, send money home and do not realize from them the taxes that each American requires to pay under the laws of the land. We have been losing money for years now.

    However, now that wisdom seems to have dawned on our lawmakers and political leadership and they have realized that the immigration system is broken and needs to be overhauled, Americans can expect a movement in the direction of giving status to the more than 11 million “illegal immigrants”. But, let it be understood, there should be no attempt to discriminate between present citizens and the wannabe citizens. If the government has not realized taxes from them, it is not their fault. There should be no attempt to force them in to a situation which will break many of them. All talk of back taxes has to be ended. Criminals. Yes.America does not want them. Deport them. But all others should be allowed to start a fresh life as free people in a free country without feeling trapped.

    America stands for freedom and justice. Let there be no break in the glorious tradition.


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