Go on, Mr. Obama

    It has fallen to the lot of President Barrack Obama to overhaul a number of sickly systems that include healthcare, education, finance, and immigration, to name a few more important ones.

    I would not be surprised if he goes down in history as the Overhaul President. There would probably be a couple of other epithets that would be flattering for Obama and may become part of the world’s vocabulary. Already, the term Obamacare is being used for Obama’s Healthcare reform which I would prefer to call overhaul. And Obama has recently unveiled a new element of doggedness in pursuit of his realization of the desired goals which I would prefer to be called Obamacracy. May be, our Republican friends and some of the more conservative Democrats do not approve of this historicity being associated with the man. But the fact remains, Obama has come out with so many fresh and new ideas and with so much energy and perseverance, and an outstanding leadership that he deserves a standing ovation from the whole nation.

    I would wish him to go after the agenda he has set for himself and the nation with the same vigor and doggedness that he has exhibited in ensuring that the Healthcare overhaul bill got the nod of lawmakers.

    With Healthcare overhaul already behind, it is now the turn of the fractured financial system overhaul. It is not surprising that the Wall Street lords are doing all they possibly can, to defeat the President’s attempts to overhaul the system in the interest of the people of the nation. He said recently that the Wall Street was playing the game “Heads we win, tails you lose” which is not in the interest of American people. The Wall Street lords think of their benefits only; they are not bothered about the common American.

    It is unfortunate that Republicans seem to have only one agenda- to protect the 2 per cent wealthy of the nation. Otherwise, why would they unashamedly oppose raising of taxes for them. Republicans had better think of the nation rather than for the wealthy whose deep pockets seem to attract them more.

    President Obama has to take care of the most challenging overhaul of the fractured financial system of the nation. Until that is taken care of, it may not be possible for the U.S. to come out of the economic crisis that is threatening to blow up in to a major catastrophe for the nation. The Republicans will do well to give up their hostility to every idea that comes from the President and the Democrats. They have to think of the nation first, and partisan policy should be allowed to take a back seat.

    Obama has also spoken out his mind with regard to Immigration overhaul which has been long overdue now. He was categorical in announcing that work on an immigration bill should move forward based on an outline released by Sens. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. And he pledged in unequivocal terms “to do everything in my power” to get immigration legislation moving in Congress this year”.

    Let the Overhaul President receive the support of all Americans in his noble endeavor to make America a stronger nation capable of taking care of each one of its inhabitants and making a stronger America that can take on any enemy of the nation, within and without.


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