Happy 4th of July – Editorial Comment

    Prof Indrajit S Saluja
    Prof Indrajit S Saluja

    As the nation prepares to celebrate 4th of July I am reminded of the long and grim struggle that American people had to wage to secure their independence. The indomitable spirit of those who led the struggle fills every generation with awe and admiration for their spectacular achievement.

    1776 to 2015 has been a long period. America has moved on from strength to strength. From a bipolar world a couple of years ago the world seems to have become unipolar, with America dictating the rest of the world.

    The world has witnessed time and again the heroism of American people. Drawn into conflicts, and there have been many, America has always given enough evidence of its resolve to win and stay on top, minor debacles notwithstanding. A proud nation, America has taken adversities in its stride.

    However, it is not that America does not make mistakes. But there have always been amends post mistakes too. But the last couple of years found America piling up these mistakes and inviting trouble. It is necessary that American leadership makes amends for the terrible chain of mistakes having been made during the last few years.

    One, America has realized the futility of engaging in avoidable conflicts abroad. Barack Obama deserves all appreciation for the gradual disengagement in these conflicts which has caused loss of valuable American lives and drained the resources of the country. These conflicts have been a serious drain on the shrunk resources of a nation that has huge debt burden. These conflicts have taken a heavy toll of lives of sons and daughters of America. These conflicts have created enemies of America.

    America must say no to fighting wars of and for others.

    The economic scenario as of today offers no satisfaction. The unemployment rate, though steadily improving in the last couple of years since 2008, is quite disturbing. The real estate is in a shambles, with foreclosures mounting and families losing their homes which they had made with such great love. Businesses are closing and jobs are vanishing.

    Then there are social welfare aspects. Education and healthcare. If America cannot come up with better educational facilities for its children and healthcare for all its citizenry, all claims of America being number one nation of the world amount to empty bragging.

    American lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, instead of dying to push their ideological agenda, need to introspect and look only at what America and Americans need. If they cannot do enough for America when it is passing through hard times they are doing a great disservice to our forefathers who dreamed of an America where each could realize his dream.

    On this 4th of July, let each American pledge to emulate the spirit of our founding fathers, resolving to overcome all obstacles to the happiness of the common American man, woman and child. Let each American realize that it is in him to change the course of history and that he will change it. Yes, he can. Happy Independence Day!


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