Others who spoke with The Indian Panorama included Flora Parekh, Co-ordinator and chair IT/ Social Media/ Communications , Rajan Nabe, Chair Finance/Budget, Eric Kumar, Chair Souvenir/Journal,; Sunita Sadhnani, Chair Cultural; Vijay Goswamy, Chair, Vendors/Booth/Tents; Hussain Baqueri, Co-Chair Parade/Floats; Ajay Batra, Chair Media; Anu Gulati, Co-Chair (Badge/Sashes/Ribbons); Dr. Bhavani Srinivasan Chair & Bina Sabapathy, Chair Religious Community Liaison; Mike Michales, Stage ; Satbir Singh Bedi Kucha, Music; Mohinder Singh Taneja, honoree, Rizwan Qureshi, Vice President HAB Bank, and Mata Ji from Divya Jyoti Jagran Sansathan.

    Sunita Sadnani
    Sunita Sadnani, Chair Cultural who has been associated with earlier parades also, promised a rich cultural fare for all age groups. She said, “Besides the strong Bollywood content, we have planned to showcase the rich classical dances and music of India. The cultural program which will start at 2 P.M. will continue up to 5.30 P.M. during which time around 20 to 25 performances will be presented”.

    Vijay Goswamy
    Vijay Goswamy, Chair, Vendors/Booth/Tents expressed satisfaction with the community support and said the sponsors and vendors have been forthcoming and quite generous. He listed some of the major sponsors that include Patel Bros, Bolla Mgt., Lotus Mgt. (Rajan Nabe), Delta Airlines (Jaya Travels), Glamorous Event Planners, Apna Bazar, Metlife, Indus American Bank, HAB Bank and Saavn. He said, “additionally we have 25+ other sponsors and supporters”. Goswamy said some booths are available and added, the organizers will welcome food vendors.

    Dr. Bhavani Srinivasan
    Dr. Bhavani Srinivasan Chair, Community liaison added that many community organizations “wanted to be in the thick of action”.

    Hussain Baqueri
    Hussain Baqueri, Co-Chair Parade/Floats, who is President of Nargis Dutt Memorial Foundation, besides being involved in many community projects and activities, said that there has been a lot of enthusiasm amongst people to book floats. He said the artistically decorated floats will lend color and charm to parade.

    Ajay Batra
    Ajay Batra, Chair, Media, who has a long association with organizing various events and is associated with almost every important community organization on Long Island, said “media is our eyes and ears and takes our message across to people. We have great respect for media and will like to see all mediapersons are comfortable at the parade. He said a press conference with the Grand Marshall has been planned for August 8.

    Bina Sabapathy
    Another Chair, Community liaison (Religious) Bina Sabapathy said for the first time religious organizations are sending their marching groups in the parade.

    Satbir Singh Bedi Kucha
    Satbir Singh Bedi Kucha who is widely viewed as the best DJ around and was instrumental in a successful cultural program at IDPUSA 2013 said he was all set to provide the best music and entertainment. So, look for a rocking time with Kucha

    Flora Parekh
    Flora Parekh, Coordinator and chair IT/ Social Media/ Communications wondered at the synergy that was in evidence all around. She said, “People want to be a part of the IDPUSA, like never before”.

    Eric Kumar
    Eric Kumar, Chair Souvenir/Journal said the theme of the parade is “India Rising”. He said though the journal is in the final stages, he would welcome articles from young students on any aspect of India and Indian independence, He said the articles should reach him by August 2. He also invited advertisements. The journal contains messages from officials, profiles of honorees, articles and advertisements. He promised to come up with a profusely illustrated impressive and informative journal that will enhance the prestige of any library.

    According to the information made available, the following will be honored at the Parade.

    Mafat Patel

    Kamaljit Kaur Bolla

    Mohinder Singh Taneja

    Rajan Nabe


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