It’s Obama for Now

    America is just 39 days away from Presidential election. The many surveys , including the Republican leaning Fox News survey gives Obama a 5 per cent lead over Mitt Romney. For now, it is Bam, Bam.

    The key issues being focused by the rival presidential candidates have not changed. Though of course, at some point, the position that Mitt Romney had taken on issues relating to poor and middle classes seems to has been revised by the Republican candidate. He is reported to have said recently that both Obama and he care for the middle classes. Something he may not have said earlier. Similarly, suddenly Romney’s heart goes out to the jobless. He feels pained to see so many jobless and sympathizes with them.

    On foreign policy, Romney is protective of Israel . He has categorically stated time and again where he stands. His approach to the Middle East is indicative of US involvement in another conflict in that region. Americans are already tired of US involvement in conflicts. Many that I spoke with have disdain for any American politician who talks in terms of an unnecessary conflict. How the Americans will react to Romney’s foreign policy is not difficult to understand.

    The Presidential debates -three of them- on October 3 on domestic policy; on October 16 on foreign and domestic policy; and the third and final one on October 22 on foreign policy are not likely to improve the fortunes of the Republican Mitt Romney. Clearly, Obama is a better explicator and orator and is likely to outdo his rival. Moreover, we have seen in recent weeks how Romney has been fumbling on issues. With his conviction level down, his persuasiveness will be weak. On top of it, he is no match to Obama when it comes to a debate.

    We are not jumping to the conclusion that Obama will win. We are not concluding that Mitt Romney will lose. We are only taking in to account the ground realities as of now that indicate a favorable position for the re-election of President Obama.

    The Indian American community in USA is evenly divided. There are diehard Republicans to match equally diehard Democrats. Also, the community is too small to make any difference to the outcome of the polls. However, it is an influential community, with many from it holding elected offices. Many are in US Federal and State administrations. Many more are officials at the lower administrative level. Whatever, the size of the community or the position of its members, it is imperative that the community should actively, even aggressively, participate in the political processes of the country. Only then it can make its presence adequately felt.


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