Ramdev and Swami hit out at Gandhis and Congress at Hindu Unity Day Celebrations

    HICKSVILLE, NY (TIP): Hitting out at Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi in his characteristic phlegmatic style, Baba Ramdev called upon the gathering at the Hindu Unity Day celebrations organized by the Indian American Intellectuals Forum on September 29th, to show the door to the corrupt Congress party and bring in Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India. He predicted a cakewalk for the saffron party in the 2014 general elections and decimation of Congress, the ‘party of Englishmen’. He said BJP under Modi will get as many as 300 Lok Sabha seats, forming the government, and then the glory of India of old will be restored. He said he had vowed to travel to every nook and corner of the country to seek ouster of the Congress party and its replacement with BJP under Modi. Baba Ramdev recalled the glorious heritage and culture of the Hindus. He said, “We were born to rule”. The time has now come to occupy our rightful place, he said. Paying tribute to NRIs, the Baba said that the number of NRIs in America may be small but they are number one in per capita income in the country.


    “You should now make India No. 1 in the world,” he exhorted the Indian American audience. Dr. Subramanian Swami, who has been a regular at Hindu Unity Day celebrations, spoke disparagingly of the Gandhis, blaming Sonia for being the high priestess of corruption. He dwelt at length on stories of corruption and involvement of Sonia and others from her family in them. He held Congress party responsible for culture of political corruption in India. He called upon the gathering to drive out the corrupt Congress party for ever. He heaped praise on Narendra Modi for being an upright man whose sole concern was glory to India and Indians. Dr. Swami also took digs at Dr. Manmohan Singh whom he described as a weak person, unable to withstand pressures, particularly from Sonia and Rahul to whom he is slavish. Speaking about terrorism and Pakistan’s support to it, Swami said Pakistan was no match for India and could be annihilated provided China was neutralized. He blamed the government of India for not having done enough to neutralize China and taken on Pakistan. Interestingly, both Baba Ramdev and Dr. Swami made identical remarks on Sonia, Rahul, Dr. Manmohan Singh and Pakistan. A day later, Modi also made similar remarks which leaves no doubt in the mind that the BJP is running a well orchestrated propaganda against the Congress party and its leaders. It is no coincidence that they touched upon the same issues and had the same remarks except for the difference in expression. The pattern cannot be missed.


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