Ring in the New Year

    Ring out the Old; Ring in the New

    Another year is gone. And here we have a new one. We human beings tend to calculate time too much.

    Time is money. We keep thinking in America in terms of hourly wage. No time has to be lost. Wordsworth would definitely have shed tears to see everyone in a rush. No time to stand and stare. No time to look at the passing beauty of Nature.

    I have seen many rushing out with a beverage in hand, forcing themselves in to rattling ahead. They are in a hurry. They probably have to catch a train or a bus. They can’t afford to be late. It is a question of money.

    I keep thinking if time were not linked with money, will my friends then also be in such a rush. I believe they will not be. It is in fact the dollars that make them dance.

    But then again, a question stares me in face. We all need money to get going. For some, it may be a luxury. But for many, it is a necessity. Money ruins time. Money ruins life. One way or the other. If you do not have it you are miserable. And if you have plenty of it, it keeps bothering you with multiple worries. Either way, money ruins life.

    Let us, in the New Year, try to save ourselves from ruination at the hands of money. Let us have time that is not necessarily money. Let us have some peace. Remember, money may be lost. It is not a sure companion. But Time is. It is never lost. Time past is present in Time future and Time future is contained in Time past, is what the famous poet T.S. Eliot said.

    Live in the company of a constant and dependable companion.

    Enjoy your Time in the New Year.


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