Sarabjit Singh’s Killers Must Be Punished

    Even as thousands in Bhikhiwind, Amritsar, the native place of Sarabjit Singh, watched with tearful eyes the cremation of the brave son of India, some thoughts must have crossed their minds. Why did he have to die the way he did? Why was he to be battered to death? And finally, who is responsible for the tragic end to his life? Even as the thousands were overwhelmed with grief when leaders of all hue, including Rahul Gandhi, the Punjab Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal, the Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal and several others paid their homage to the dear departed Sarabjit Singh whose body was draped in the tri-color, some thoughts must have crossed their minds. Where were these people when Sarabjit Singh was languishing for 22 long years in a Pakistani prison? Where were these leaders when his sister repeatedly expressed concern for her brother’s safety? Where were these leaders when she ran from pillar to post begging for saving her brother’s life? Even amidst overwhelming grief, these people must have been filled with abhorrence for the unfeeling and inhuman bodies known as their leaders. No, more than that, they must have been filled with rage to think that the insensitivity of their leaders led to the loss of a life and devastation of a family.

    I can understand why a whole nation is upset that a son of India was inhumanly and brutally killed in a Pakistani jail. I can understand the rage of the people of India against their political leaders and the government of India. I can understand their anger against the government of Pakistan. However, I am afraid, this may be a passing sentiment with the people. But let it not be so with government of India. A government is worth nothing if it cannot protect its people. Let government of India learn it better now than never. Let government of India shed its attitude of unconcern and think of the dignity of its people and the nation. The least it can do is to put diplomatic pressure on Pakistan to punish those guilty of snuffing out the life of an Indian citizen. It may not bring back to life the gone for ever Sarabjit Singh. But it will be a consolation to people of India and more particularly, the bereaved family, that the culprits who were responsible for the death of their kin were brought to justice.


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