The Murky Business Of India Day Parades In NY & NJ

    Every year the number of India Day Parades being organized in NY & NJ is increasing. The oldest organizer is FIA followed by IBA and then OTIBA. The latest entrant to this Band wagon is IDPUSA of Hicksville founded by 3 controversial characters; one gave money from a non profit organization meant for medicines for poor to this organization for the parade; one is a County employee and publisher of an English weekly with murky financial dealings, and the third one is running a chain of restaurants on County properties.

    If we take a quick look the only purpose of these Parades is to make a quick name recognition as well as quick money or monetary favors for the organizers or to dispense monetary favors to the favorite vendors; with least amount of efforts as well as a chance for them to be close to Bollywood celebrities, local officials and politicians. In nutshell none of these organizations has any thing to do with rich culture and traditions of India or its 30 states or its religious diversity.

    All they do is parade themselves, their families, friends, vendors, Bollywood star, local officials and US politicians in these Insult India Parades. Some of them being paraded have taken Political Asylum in USA by labeling India as a tormentor state, some are criminals, like a former FIA President and the chair of FIA 2013 Parade Reception Committee, and some are of Pakistani origin And now the worst. Crusaders against corruption, like Anna Hazare, are there to keep company with all kinds of dubious characters.


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