Vaisakhi- A Day to Celebrate Human Values

    Rarely is found a person in the history of mankind who has left such a deep imprint on the life and character of people within a brief span of 42 years. More than three hundred years later he still continues to move millions of men and women not only in India, the great subcontinent of Asia, but the entire world.

    From the five beloveds he baptized in 1699, today, he has a following of 25 million and growing with the religion he gave enjoying fifth position among the world’s most favored religions. Guru Gobind Singh, the man I am referring to, was a unique person. The image of God he portrayed is exactly the same as painted by Guru Nanak Dev, the First Master of the Sikhs. The Mool Mantra of Jaap Sahib (a poetic work of Guru Gobind Singh) provides an interesting study from this point of view.

    The Almighty of Guru Gobind Singh is the “True Lord of All, has neither distinguishing signs nor marks, no one can discern him, and beyond limitations and is manifested as the Light of the Spirit, the Lord God of a myriad Indras and is proclaimed the King of Kings, the Master of the three worlds, of gods, men and demons. Guru Gobind Singh gave the message of equality and fraternity i.e. Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of mankind. He said, some are Hindus, some Turks, some are of Shia persuasion and some of Imam Shafai; mankind is all of one race.

    Eminent historian Cunningham states that though the last apostle of the Sikhs did not see his own ends accomplished, he effectively raised the dormant energy of a vanquished people and filled them with the lofty, although fitful, longing for social freedom and national ascendancy, the true adjunct of that purity of worship which had been preached by Guru Nanak. Guru Gobind Singh not only patronized the Sikh institution of sacrifice, he actually sacrificed his whole family. Guru Gobind Singh is an ideal and should be an idol for the young generation of today.

    All pessimism will vanish and instead a robust optimism will fill our youth should they imbibe the ideals and values of the Guru. Let them give up their weakness for intoxicants and have faith in their innate energy to countenance any challenge and overcome any obstacle. Let them follow the Guru’s progressive humanism empowered with spirituality and sacrifice. Let them derive strength and courage from the Tenth Guru who expressed all optimism and positive attitude for the victory of the forces of righteousness over evil and repression.

    Sikh culture and religion is a rich heritage to be protected and glorified. The mission of Guru Nanak- Guru Gobind Singh is cosmic. May the Almighty bestow His blessings on all human beings, particularly young generation of the Sikhs and fill them with tremendous strength and will to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth.

    May the Lord Almighty rid the Sikh leaders of arrogance and drunkenness of power! May they learn to be meek, humble, caring, loving and giving, following the dictates of our Gurus! Vaisakhi is a day to thank the Tenth Master for all His gifts to His Panth and also a day to dedicate ourselves to his mission. It is a day to celebrate the birth of the Khalsa. It is a day to commit ourselves to a just world order that the founding master of the Sikhs envisaged.


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