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    By Indrajit Singh Saluja - Chief Editor - The Indian Panorama
    By Indrajit Singh Saluja - Chief Editor - The Indian Panorama

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘s emphasis on India having a huge and young work force and his assertions that India can provide work force to the whole world, clearly reveal his mind. He realizes that it will not be possible to create employment for the large number of young people in the country. Having learnt a long time ago from the experience of the Gujarati community how rewarding it could be to be working abroad, and realizing that there is enough demand from countries across the world for work force, Modi has set his ken on adding work force to the list of exports.

    People from Gujarat are all over the world today. They are in African countries; in European countries, in USA, in Canada, in Australia and in New Zealand. They are everywhere. It is easier to list the countries where they are not present than to count the countries where they are. And they are amongst the best. They have established themselves particularly as sensible and intelligent businessmen. Business is in their blood. Look at all the top businessmen and industrialists in India and you will find they all belong to Gujarat. Similarly, those who are in professions are doing very well. It is another matter that every day you come across a dubious character who is involved in illegal activity and suffers the consequences.

    Readers will recall that it is not for the first time that PM Modi has spoken of India having a huge work force. He had said that earlier too. Now, with the launch of “Skill India” campaign, he has added an adjective to work force. The adjective is “skilled”. It may sound ambitious to be creating Crores of skilled young people over the next 5 years, as claimed by the Prime Minister but then they say the goal should not be mean. And given the fact that the Indian Prime Minister believes in the best, whether it be clothes or travel, we should suspend our disbelief and go along with him.

    Moreover, just as the NRIs , today, are making India rich with their remittances and investments, the would -be NRIs , too, would enrich the country. The mathematics is perfect. Young people will have jobs abroad and India will benefit from their presence overseas in terms of acquisition of foreign exchange. So we have employment generation and generation of wealth going hand in hand. One would wish it happens sooner than later.


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