Yet another hate crime in New York

    It is unfortunate that a city of immigrants has to face the scourge of hate crimes. In a diverse and multicultural society, one expects to see greater tolerance and accommodation. But in New York, it is not happening. This is not the first time that a Sikh has been subjected to assault and battery. It has happened earlier, too. Also, it is not just the bearded Sikhs who are objects of hate crimes. Even kids of Sikhs in the schools have often been subjected to indignities. The latest attack of an assistant professor with Columbia University in Harlem on Saturday, September 21 must be taken as a wake up call by the City administration. Dr. Prabhjot Singh, the victim, is a suave person, given to academics. It is inconceivable that a thorough gentleman like him could have been treated so cruelly. The least that New York Police can do is to bring the culprits to book. The community, should meanwhile, not get exercised and lose patience.


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