Businesses Indulging in Price Gouging


NEW YORK (TIP): Despite of administration’s strict warning against Price Gouging, Indian businesses, particularly grocers are taking advantage of the situation and  indulging in price gouging . It is really a shame they are hoarding and selling essential items  at 5 times to 10 times of the original price. They may have made some extra money but at the cost of the  fair name of India. A white guy wondered why he was being asked to pay @$4 for a small bottle of sanitizer when its original price is $1. And the receipt does not mention the item. It simply says grocery.

Same with other essential items , like water bottles. A case of water bottles normally costing  3.99 max was being sold by a Hicksville grocer for $14.99. The receipt  says grocery.

The same grocery store charged $1.00 for a roll of tissue paper, which normally sells for 50 cents.

 Many  Indian grocery stores (fairly big ones) in Hicksville and Richmond Hill have raised prices on a variety of items, like lentils, flour, rice etc. from 25% to 50%, adding to the woes of people already suffering under the difficult circumstances, consequent upon the outbreak of Coronavirus.

An Indian grocery store in Jersey City charged $6.99 for a bottle of sanitizer which normally sells for $1.00.

Stores like Costco and Walmart  may not have certain items available, but they haven’t indulged in price gouging.

One finds no price tags. Receipts do not mention the commodities for which higher prices are charged. Instead, the receipt says “grocery” .

We urge consumers to not submit to their being fleeced and  report the matter to Consumer Affairs department or call 311 in New York City and 211 elsewhere.

Report price gouging, in your interest and in the interest of America.

Follow administration’s advisory to keep yourself and America safe.

God bless America!

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