Kim Kardashian, Lauren Sanchez recall fighting over dress at auction

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian went head-to-head with Lauren Sanchez, who recently got engaged to Jeff Bezos, at an auction for a dress.
In a joint interview with Lauren, Kim said, “I’m a big auction girl, and my strategy was to come in at the last minute. I called ‘We’ll share it!’ (across the room). I thought, ‘You wear it once, I’ll wear it once, it’ll be so cute.’”
In the end, two dresses were made, and both women paid $200,000 and travelled to Paris together for the fitting.
Meanwhile, Kim went on to add that she and Lauren are always in touch with each other via their DMs and described the bride-to-be as a “girl’s girl”.
She said, “Lauren and I are always sending DMs building each other up. Every time there’s a look that we like, she’ll say, ‘Wow,’ or, ‘OMG you look amazing.’ She’s such a girl’s girl!”
In August, the couple held a lavish engagement party with a select group of friends aboard the billionaire’s $500 million super yacht.

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