Centre dissolves Andhra assembly, extends President’s rule

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NEW DELHI (TIP): With the proclamation imposing President’s rule in Andhra Pradesh due to lapse this month-end on account of its non-ratification by Parliament, the Union Cabinet on April 25 recommended dissolution of the state assembly and issue of a fresh proclamation enabling extension of central rule in the state beyond April 30.

The decision followed a report from Andhra Pradesh governor E S L Narsimhan detailing the prevailing situation in Andhra Pradesh. The state is currently witnessing polls to elect a new assembly. Extension of President’s rule in the state will do away with the need to convene Parliament in the middle of the general elections to ratify the March 1 proclamation, and give the Centre two more months to meet this constitutional requirement.

President’s rule was imposed in Andhra Pradesh on March 1 after Kiran Kumar Reddy stepped down from the chief minister’s post in the wake of Parliament approving the bifurcation of the state to carve out a separate state of Telangana.

Explaining that dissolution of the assembly without ratification of President’s rule by Parliament was not against the spirit of the S R Bommai judgment, a home ministry official said while the Bommai verdict was aimed at preventing irreversible decisions that could subvert democratic institutions, the process of electing the new assembly in Andhra Pradesh was already underway.

“A new assembly will be in place after May 16, so it will make no difference if the incumbent House is dissolved now or later,” said the official.

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