Digital tax row: US suspends additional tariffs on India

NEW DELHI( TIP): The US has backtracked from imposing penalties on six countries, including India, for introducing the digital services tax (DST) which it felt targeted its social media giants.

The US has decided to opt for negotiations for the next six months with these countries to work out a satisfactory solution. Making the announcement, US Trade Representative (USTR) Katherine Tai said the plan for retaliatory tariffs on some goods from six countries would be suspended till November 29 to provide additional time to complete the ongoing multilateral negotiations on international taxation at the OECD and in the G20 process.

“The US is focused on finding a multilateral solution to a range of key issues related to international taxation. It remains committed to reaching a consensus through the OECD and G20 processes. Today’s actions provide time for those negotiations to continue while maintaining the option of imposing tariffs if warranted in the future,’’ said Tai in a statement. The USTR holds that the DST is discriminatory and burdens US commerce. In March, Tai was unmoved by the arguments from Commerce Minister Piyush Goel. A day after their meeting, the USTR had said it would impose higher import duties on 45 categories of Indian imports equal to the $55 million that New Delhi presumably earned from imposing 2 per cent DST.                  Source: TNS

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