‘Example of responsible govt’: BJP hails PM Modi’s decision to repeal farm laws

Shortly after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the scrapping of three farm laws, reaction started pouring in. While the Opposition parties, led by the Congress, termed this as victory for farmers and defeat for “arrogant” government, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders called the decision a step towards the welfare of the farmers.

The three laws were passed by Parliament in September last year and triggered protests by farmers, who sat on the borders of Delhi demanding the repeal of the laws. They called the three laws as pro-corporate.

“All the farmers should welcome this move and end their stir. They should go to their homes and start regular life,” Haryana minister and BJP leader Anil Vij said on Twitter.

The party’s national general secretary Dushyant Gautam said the decision is dedicated to the people of the country.

“I thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now the farmers should resume their regular work for the betterment of the country. It is a decision that is dedicated to the people of the country,” Gautam said in a vide message.

Prakash Javadekar, former Union minister, said it’s an example of responsible government. “On the auspicious occasion of Prakash Parv, the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi ji has withdrawn all the three agricultural laws. This is an example of a responsible government which is constantly working and continues to work in the welfare and national interest of the farmers,” he tweeted.

The Centre, which has held 11 rounds of formal dialogue with the farmers, had maintained that the new laws are pro-farmer, while protesters claim they would be left at the mercy of corporations because of the legislations.

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