India’s first Organ Donor Memorial open for public in Jaipur

India’s first donor memorial (Photo: Dinesh Bagra - photojournalist)

By Dr Yash Goyal

JAIPUR (TIP): India‘s 1st Organ Donor Memorial to make awareness and enthusiasm in General Public for cadaver transplant opened  in Pink City’s Central Park here.  Coinciding with the National Organ Donation Day today, the 27th November, the Memorial built by an NGO : Mohan Foundation Jaipur Citizen Forum (MFJCF) jointly with the Jaipur Municipal Corporation depicts human life looking at ‘Cosmic Heavens in Gratitude, Sacrifice, Compassion and Love”. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot opened it for public eyes through a virtual platform from his CMR. Anyone passing through SMS hospital and Prithvi Raj road can view its importance and read names of donors.

Names of donors whose cadaver transplant saved the lives of 120 serious patients from Rajasthan, Mumbai and Delhi have been etched on the memorial. The structure built in stones is in the form of a sculpture inspired by Jaipur’s ancient Jantar Mantar. “This is not important how much it cost us; the importance is of Navjeevan (new life) after cadaver transplant. The sculpture emphasizes Ek Khamoshi, Anek Muskan, Aao Karein Angdan”, promoting the mission to educate people on organ donation Rajiv Arora, Founder Chairman of MFJCF told The Indian Panorama.

“Rajasthan has reported so far 38 donor who had given their vital organs like heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, pancreas, and since 2015, 38 families have donated organs of their near and dear ones after being declared brain dead”, according to Mr Arora. A government data indicates that so far 69 patients received kidney, 33 liver, 19 heart, one each of lung and pancreas, 12 cornea, and 2 heart valves. Sameer Wheaton and Bhavna have designed and crafted it. Mohit, a resident of Alwar, was the first who donated his organs in 2015.

“Do not take your organs to heaven. Heaven believe that they are needed on earth, this is the message from this memorial to reach masses”, MFJCF  organizers convey to public. On the eve of National Organ Day, all important historical buildings in Jaipur city like Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, Albert Hall have been illuminated with green color decoration lights as a symbol of organ donation.

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