Pawan Vyas makes World record of making 478.5 meter long ‘Pagri’ (Turban/Headgear)

Vyas wearing the biggest SAFA on head, and smallest safas on fingers
Pawan Vyas displays the WBR certificate

By Yash Goyal in Jaipur

JAIPUR (TIP): For youngsters tying a tie around a shirt collar is always a difficult task before a mirror. Even tying a Pagri or Safa, a Rajasthani headgear, on the eve of marriage or any ritual celebration is a real tough job. A person has to hire an expert to tie a turban or go for a readymade Pagri on rent store. Breaking this trend and making a world record,Bikaner’s young man Pawan Vyas, 20 years, tied the longest Pagri (Safa/Turban/Headgear) of 478.5 meter (1569 feet). This biggest Pagri weighs 20 kg, made up of 55 Safa, and each safa is about 9 meter long. This unique prized Safa cost him a sum of Rs.45,000 (Around US $700.00). In its certificate on January 7, 2021, the World Book of Records (UK) described Vyasas an International Turban Artist of Bikaner who tied the longest Safa 478.5 meterin halfan hour without using a single hairpin or glue at Dharnidhar Auditorium on December 16, 2020.

While interacting with TIP, Vyas, who is an electronic and communication entrepreneur, claims that he can tie Safa in 108 different styles, and recently he made the Smallest Rajasthani Safa of 1.3 cm in August 2019.  It is a round shape Safa made up of 1 meter long and 1.5-inch Rajasthani Bandhej and tied on fingers. The smallest one also got recognition by Indian Book of Records. Vyas tells he and his family members used to help relatives and friends enabling them to learn how to tie and put Safa on head during their functions. In a year, he ties around 25000 turbans in Bikaner, a well-known bordering city along Pakistan for Bikaneri Bhujia.

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