Tug of War on Garbage Tarnishing Clean Delhi Image Worldwide: Jolly

Delhi BJP leader Vijay Jolly deplores politics over garbage which is making Delhi dirty and dangerous to health.

NEW DELHI (TIP): Continued tug-war on garbage politics in the capital has tarnished the “Clean Delhi City” image worldwide, stated Senior BJP leader Vijay Jolly at New Delhi February 2, 2016.

Foreign tourists especially Non Resident Indians (NRI’s) are baffled, surprised and shocked over the recent course of “Govt. & Civic” tussle in Delhi. Cancelation of travel to Delhi by foreign & domestic travelers is causing a tremendous loss to tourism revenue, deplored BJP leader Mr. Jolly.

Due to piling garbage all over Delhi, foreign tourist arrivals are on the decline, said Jolly. The last quarter of year 2015 registered a growth of 6.1% in FTA in India. Delhi port recorded the highest FTA of 30.08% followed by Mumbai 17.21%, Chennai 8.91%, Bengaluru 6.5%, Kolkata 4.02% etc. The maximum number of foreign tourist arrivals last year were from 15 countries namely Bangladesh 18.81%, USA 10.99%, UK 7.96%, Malaysia 4.72% Sri Lanka 4.69%, China 3.37%, Pakistan 1.61% etc. But early January & February, the FTAs from these countries have considerably reduced, stated the Delhi BJP leader.

Tussle over financial jugglery, safai karamcharies strike, followed by doctors & teachers strike, non-payment of civic salaries, scattered garbage, over flowing dustbins, stoppage of mid-day meals to children, failure of PWD to clean up Delhi & absence of CM Kejriwal from Delhi are spreading fears of epidemic in Delhi soon, stated BJP leader Mr. Jolly. Conciliation and not confrontation alone can save Delhi. Early bail-out and payment of 2 months pending salaries of civic staff by Arvind Kejriwal govt. is the only -solution stated Mr. Jolly.

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