• Up to 3 months: For unruly physical gestures, verbal harassment, unruly inebriation

  • Up to 6 months: For physically abusive behaviour such as pushing, kicking, hitting,inappropriate touching

  • Minimum 2 years: For lifethreatening behaviour such as assaults, damage to aircraft systems

NEW DELHI (TIP): The government on Sept 8 unveiled rules to tackle cases of onboard unruly behaviour by passengers. The move would allow airlines to ban such passengers for a period ranging from three months to lifetime.

The commander of the flight would have the right to file a complaint against such passengers. The revised Civil Aviation Requirement (CAR), effective immediately, defines three categories of unruly behaviour —verbal, physical and life threatening.

There is a provision for debarring passengers from flying for three months for verbal unruly behaviour, six months for physical and two years or more for life-threatening behaviour.

The complaint by the pilot-in-command will be probed by an internal committee to be set up by the airline that will decide the quantum of ban. If the panel fails to give a decision in 30 days, the passenger will be free to fly.

Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju said the new rules would allow formation of a national “No Fly List” that would be shared among airlines. The promulgation of the list in India was the first of its kind in the world, he claimed.

The revised CAR will be applicable to all Indian operators engaged in scheduled and non-scheduled air transport services, both domestic and international carriage of passengers. It would also be applicable to foreign carriers, subject to compliance of Tokyo Convention, 1963. Aggrieved persons will be allowed to appeal within 60 days.

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