Dr. Ajay Lodha Passes away

Rest In Peace Dr. Ajay Lodha

A dear friend has departed , leaving a vaccum in my life and in the life of the larger Indian American community.

Dr. Ajay Lodha, a physician and a former President of national AAPI, the 100,000 member strong  association of physicians of Indian origin, was tested positive of Covid-19 in April this year and was receiving medical treatment.

He underwent lung transplantation, and it appeared  would soon recover fully. However, his health deteriorated because of some post- surgery complications, which led to his sad and untimely death on Saturday, November 21 at a Cleveland, OH hospital where he was being treated.

Dr. Lodha leaves behind wife Smita who is a physician and a son and a daughter.

The Indian Panorama office has been receiving calls and messages from the shocked members of the community expressing condolences and seeking information on his last rites. Nothing about the last rites is known yet, but information when available will be posted on www.theindianpanorama.news and also on Facebook.

You have been unfair to me, Ajay. I will make it an issue when I join you .
Rest in Peace.

Prof. Saluja

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