Indian American Technology Entrepreneur Vinson Palathingal named to President’s Export Council

Vinson Palathingal says removing the trade barriers to US products is critical to increase its exports

WASHINGTON (TIP): Named by President Donald Trump as a member of the President’s Export Council, Indian American Technology entrepreneur Vinson Palathingal says removing the trade barriers to US products is critical to increase its exports.

“I am really honored to be appointed as a member of the President’s Export Council,” said Vinson, a serial entrepreneur, Asian American community leader, and a free market advocate hailing from Kochi, in Kerala State, India.

“With great pleasure and humility, I thank President Trump for this recognition,” said the McLean, Virginia, resident who has lived in the US for about 27 years.

“US has so much potential to increase our exports. Removing the trade barriers for our products is very critical to make the playing field level,” Palathingal said. “Plus, US EXIM bank need to focus more on small business exporters by simplifying credit guarantee process.”

Palathingal hoped he “will be able to use my experience as a small business exporter to advice the President in key export related policy making.”

With a bachelor’s degree in engineering from India and master’s degree in engineering from University of Nevada, Reno, he has run multiple small businesses in the US.

The winner of the SBA Small Business Exporter of the Year award in 2013, Palathingal has vast experience with engineering and technology industries over the last three decades ranging from buildings and road construction to block chains and artificial intelligence.

A proactive leader in the Indian American Community, Palathingal engages closely with the Indian diaspora. He intends to leverage the community’s success from technology to mainstream America.

In 2015, Vinson started the Indo-American Center, a free-market think tank spreading the message of liberty and small government ideals in both India and the US.

Vinson’s wife Asha Palathingal, too, is a technology leader. They have two children, Xavier & Stephen.

He believes that his Catholic upbringing in Kerala obviously contributed to his conservative values and worldview.

Last year, Palathingal had run unsuccessfully to the Fairfax County School Board.

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