US Sikhs Raise $125,000 For National Awareness Campaign

DALLAS, US:  The Sikhs in the US city of Denver have raised USD 125,000 for a national campaign to raise awareness about the community, taking the total amount raised so far to USD 575,000.

National Sikh Campaign (NSC) has engaged President Barack Obama‘s media team, AKPD, to develop 30 second ads on Sikhs to run on national and local TV channels and social media, a statement said.

This was done under a strategic plan designed by Hillary Clinton‘s former Chief Strategist Geoff Garin, who also develops strategic plan for the Harvard University and the World Bank.

In the next few weeks, it is also launching a high-level website on Sikhs.

“We are thrilled by the response of the community in Denver. It has helped NSC come closer to its goal of raising 1.3 Million for the entire campaign budget,” said Dr Rajwant Singh, co-founder of the NSC and its senior advisor.

Sikhs have faced several incidents of violence and hate in the recent months in America due to a widespread ignorance about their tradition and because the Sikh turban and beard is confused with Taliban and ISIS.

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